Date Yourself:

4 Weeks to a Healthy Relationship with You

By Dr. Adia

Go from constantly comparing yourself to others and hustling for approval to finally getting the love, care, and respect you deserve. 


All while being guided step-by-step by a licensed clinical psychologist and having fun as you build a healthy relationship with yourself!


Imagine a world where you… 


  • Go to bed at night complimenting yourself on what you accomplished that day instead of worrying about all of those undone tasks. 
  • Feel energized in the morning and ready to confidently pursue your goals knowing you got this!
  • Can tell yourself “it’s not the end of the world” when you make a mistake instead of obsessing about it for days on end. 
  • Know that you’re good enough just as you are no matter what messages you receive from the outside world.
  • Build healthy, loving relationships based on mutual respect and appreciation. 
  • Know exactly how to take care of yourself so that you feel good inside and out. 

… What if I told you all of that was within reach?

That’s what my newest program DATE YOURSELF is designed to help you with! Through this program you will:


  • Break up with self-criticism, which leaves you feeling like nothing you do is good enough.
  • Encourage and motivate yourself to pursue your goals without stress and overwhelm.
  • Learn to be your own best friend and support yourself with whatever life brings.
  • Create a safe mental space that helps you escape the chaos of the world.
  • Develop a personalized and sustainable self-care plan that helps you take good care of yourself.

Are you ready to feel at peace with yourself and content with your life?

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" Because of the significant trauma I experienced growing up, I have always felt like an outsider and hated my body in every way shape and form. Gotta be honest, you [Dr. Adia] have changed my life. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. I am crying happy tears as I write this because you have given me tools, words, space and compassion to move beyond how I always viewed myself. I am finding the me that got lost 20 plus years ago. My mind is blowing up with what is possible. 

I am going to give my body and self the love I am worthy of. Nourishment, not punishment. I am moving beyond who I was to becoming the person I have always wanted to be. I know my story is going to help others someday and you are such a big part of my journey. I am indebted gratefully. You are a gift. "

- Natasha, Former Course Member

Hi, I'm Dr. Adia

On a normal day you might find me supporting therapy clients with a whole lotta honesty (sometimes too much! 😆) and compassion, dancing in my living room, or snacking on extra dark chocolate. There’s just something about the sweet, bitter, and hit of caffeine (and dopamine) that I can’t resist (sounds kinda like life doesn’t it?). 

I’m loving my life right now; I have a healthy and supportive marriage, I have authentic relationships with friends and family, and I’m using my 10+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist to help people build healthy relationships with themselves and embrace their unconditional self-worth. Most importantly, I’m happy and at peace with myself. 

But, life didn’t always feel this good to me…

  • I was type A; front of the class, always had my homework done on time, work til midnight, type of person (Kind of obnoxious, I know) But the thing is, even though I looked confident and put together on the outside, I felt stressed, unworthy, and unlovable on the inside.
  • Despite all my hard work, I brushed aside my accomplishments and focused on my mistakes and insecurities. No matter what I achieved, I still didn’t feel good enough. 
  • As a Black woman, I didn’t feel like there was room for me to make mistakes or fail and I criticized myself any time I didn’t get everything right. 
  • If I’m honest, I didn’t take good care of myself or treat myself very well and I was exhausted. 

As a result, I questioned myself constantly, didn’t feel good about myself, and settled for what I could get in my work and relationships.  


Can you relate? 

My life changed when I started practicing what I preach to clients: “be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, and accept yourself!”  

I was finally free from all that anxiety and became truly confident in my gifts and abilities. I stopped letting self-criticism control my life, I began owning my accomplishments, and was kind to myself even when I made mistakes. 

Being my own best friend is what finally brought me the peace and contentment I'd been longing for, and that’s what I want for you too. 

Not only have I seen these changes in my own life, I have also helped hundreds of therapy clients, most of them high achieving, type A people, just like you learn to love, accept, and encourage themselves. This in turn gave them the courage to pursue their big dreams and live their lives on their terms.

That’s my big WHY behind creating Date Yourself for you.

I wanted to give you an easy, fun, and supportive way to let go of self-criticism, learn to be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, and finally feel good enough. 


Before you dig into the juicy details of the course, let’s talk about who this course is for…

  • You’ve spent a lot of time letting other people’s thoughts and opinions about you dictate how you see yourself and treat yourself. This has caused you to focus on earning other people’s approval while neglecting your own. 
  • Even though you have accomplished many of the things you hoped for in life (degrees, successful career, financial success) you still feel tired and not good enough. 
  • You’ve spent long enough waiting for that job, that relationship, that whatever, to make you feel loved and happy and now you’re ready to take your happiness into your own hands.
  • You’re tired of being dragged down by the toxicity of the world. You know it’s going to take a long time to eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and you don’t want to have to wait until that happens to feel good about yourself.


Efficiency is my middle name and just so that I don’t waste any of your time I also want to be clear about who this course is NOT for. This course isn’t for you if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix and aren’t willing to commit to building a healthy relationship with yourself. 
  • You’re not interested in self-awareness or personal growth.
  • You’re attached to overworking and see burnout as a badge of honor. 


Are you still with me? Now that we got that out of the way, I’m excited to introduce you to… 

Date Yourself

The *only* foundational, step-by-step 4-week program that teaches you how to free yourself from self-criticism, practice real self-compassion, and engage in sustainable self-care.  

So that you can have the strong mental and emotional foundation that will allow you to pursue your dreams without being bogged down by the stress of the world, confidently date and build healthy relationships because you’re not desperate for love, and experience the love and respect you deserve.


Here's what it includes ...

Module 1: Break Up with Your Inner Critic

  • Yeah, I used the “B word”. Breakups are hard and this one might be tough because you’ve probably been in a relationship with your inner critic for a LONG time. But in order to be available to date yourself you have to break up with the critic in your head. No more two timing yourself, you deserve to be your one and only.
  • Don’t worry, I’m going to do my best to make this fun and will give you proven strategies to get rid of that toxic relationship with your inner-critic and put you on the path to start treating yourself right.

Module 2: Get to Know Yourself with Compassion

  • When you date someone, you want them to take an interest in you and really try to get to know your likes and dislikes. Well this is the module that will help you to do just that.
  • Get ready to go deep with yourself! You will use self-compassion practices to truly understand your deep wants, needs, and desires. Once you know what you want you can give it to yourself!

Module 3: Be Good to Yourself

  • A big part of dating is showing that you like someone by treating them well. Bringing them their favorite flowers or in my case dark chocolate (yes, dark chocolate is my love language), offering kindness and compassion when they're going through a hard time and generally making them feel loved and cared for.
  • In this module you'll learn to treat yourself well. You’ll learn to be kind to yourself and practical ways to incorporate self-compassion into your daily life. Self-compassion will go from an idea that sounds good for other people to a practice that transforms your relationship with yourself and your life.

Module 4: Commit to Yourself

  • A big question during the dating process is whether there will be a commitment to continuing to grow and build a relationship. In this final module you will make a commitment to yourself. 
  • You will learn to honor your body and create a personalized self-care plan that will empower you to take good care of yourself in a sustainable way.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Date Yourself: 4 Weeks to a Healthy Relationship with You
(A $1997 Value)

  • 4 Practical Modules that guide you step-by-step in building a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Actionable strategies that you can easily apply to your daily life.
  • A clear understanding about how to best take care of yourself in a sustainable way.

You’ll be given access to one module per week, so you have ample time to dive into the lessons and fully immerse yourself in the teaching from each module before moving on to the next. This ensures that you won’t feel overwhelmed on this journey.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Take Your Transformation Even Further!


Bonus 1

Self-Compassion for Professional Success

Self-compassion and treating ourselves well isn’t just for our personal lives, it also helps us to be more successful in our professional lives and with less stress! In this exclusive training, I will guide you through practical strategies to utilize self-compassion in work environments. 

(A $497 Value)


Bonus 2

Private Podcast Feed of All Lessons

In order to make it easier to go through the course all of the lessons and bonuses have been turned into a private podcast feed that you can listen to on the go.

(A $197 Value)

Bonus 3

Preparing for the Relationship You Want Workshop

This workshop is packed with wisdom from my personal experiences with dating and my expertise from doing couples therapy and the advanced training I have received in couples therapy. You do not want to miss out on this!


Here’s what you’ll get with this special bonus:

  • 1-hour long workshop that you can watch or listen to on demand.
  • 7 actionable strategies to prepare you for the relationship you want or grow as a partner if you are already in a relationship.
  • Learn what gets in the way of healthy dating and relationships how to overcome these obstacles.

(A $297 Value)

Bonus 4

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

This exclusive training  is packed with wisdom from my professional training as a licensed clinical psychologist and work with hundreds of clients over the last 10+ years.


Here’s what you’ll get with this special bonus: 
  • 1-hour long training that you can watch or listen to on demand. 
  • Actionable strategies to help you establish and maintain healthy boundaries. 
  • Learn what gets in the way of setting healthy boundaries and how to overcome these obstacles. 

(A $497 Value)


Total Course + Bonuses Value: $3485

Enroll now to get access to this transformative course and all the bonuses!


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1 Payment of



"I took Date Yourself  because I wanted to dive in more deeply to look at my relationship with myself, let go of the inner critics and be kinder to myself. This course increased my awareness of when the critics come in and building on my self care. 

As a result of this course I'm becoming more and more aware of how the critics come in, I am able to be much kinder to myself and listen to my needs. I procrastinate less, I'm setting better boundaries for myself and honouring them. Gradually I'm spending less and less time struggling with anxiety and building belief in myself. 

Thank you for doing the work that you do, creating and doing these courses! "

 -  Jacqueline

If you ever find yourself thinking....


… I’ve done everything I was supposed to do to be happy but something’s missing. 

… Maybe there’s something wrong with me since I never feel good enough. 

… I’m tired of feeling like every mistake is the end of the world. 


… Maybe if I follow that new diet, or workout plan, or get a promotion, or find a partner, then I’ll finally feel good about myself.


Here’s what you need to know to know about what actually creates lasting joy:


Contrary to what modern media and advertising tells us, the key to your happiness and feeling good about yourself is within you. You won’t find it in dropping a few pounds, or getting a raise, or having kids, or getting married. 

You will find that peace, love, and joy you’re searching for in your relationship with yourself. When you see yourself in a positive light and treat yourself well, that's when life opens up and you truly appreciate who you are and pursue what you want with grace and courage. 

If you want to lead a rich life full of joy, gratitude, and the love and respect you deserve, then you need to build a healthy relationship with yourself. 

That’s exactly what Date Yourself helps you do.

So why will this program work, when nothing else has? 

No other program….  

  • Provides research-backed, step-by-step, actionable strategies on how to build a healthy relationship with yourself. 
  • Addresses your fears and concerns about letting go of self-criticism and practicing self-compassion.
  • Provides a community to support you on this journey. 


Here’s how:

I have taken my training as a Clinical Psychologist (I’m not gonna let this Ph.D. go to waste!), wisdom from working with hundreds of clients, and science-backed evidence on what helps people cultivate mental wellness and put it all into this program. 

I break down effective strategies in short (10-20 minute) lessons with doable activities to help you take in the course content.


And here’s what you’ll learn:

  •  To effectively challenge your self-criticism and release self-critical thoughts.  
  •  To understand your emotions and healthy ways to respond.  
  •  To treat yourself with kindness and respect. 
  •  To engage in sustainable self-care that works for you.

"I appreciated Dr. Adia's straight-shooting, compassionate style. Date Yourself has helped me to become much more aware of my relationship with my inner critic. I'm grateful for the beautiful worksheets included with the course because writing always helps me to engage with the material more deeply."

 -  MaryTheresa

The Guarantee

When you sign up, you’ll be backed by a risk-free 15-day guarantee.

The Date Yourself program guides you step-by-step in building a healthy relationship with yourself so you will feel less stress and more peace. Participating in this program will take COMMITMENT from you to learn, grow, and make important changes. If you do this, I KNOW the investment you make in this course won’t compare to the incredible benefits you experience once you have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

You deserve this investment in yourself AND I want to give you 15 days to try this course out to make sure it is a great fit for you. You will be able to go through the first 2 modules before the trial period ends. 

If you have actively engaged in the course up to that point and don’t feel it has helped you to start building a healthy relationship with yourself, you can request a refund. I’ll just ask that you show that you have made a good faith effort to engage in the course up until that point. Full details here

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Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Enroll in Date Yourself today and receive:

  • 4 Practical Modules that guide you step-by-step in building a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Actionable strategies that you can easily apply to your daily life. 
  • A personalizable self-care plan so you know how to best take care of yourself in a sustainable way.  
  • Worksheets for each lesson to integrate the concepts into your life. 
  • Proven, research-backed strategies that have worked in my life and the lives of hundreds of my clients

Join Today!

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I can’t wait for you to experience how wonderful it is to have a healthy relationship with yourself.


I truly believe you deserve to be treated with love, care and respect and I want to help you do that for yourself. I am passionate about guiding you to develop a healthy and supportive relationship with yourself because I know that will give you the deep peace you have been longing for. 

I have been where you are and I know what it feels like to be anxious, exhausted, and self-critical and I don’t want you to be stuck in that place. I have experienced the courage, peace, and well-being that comes from being a good friend to myself, and I want that for you too.

You may be wondering if you are worthy of investing your time, money, and energy into a course like this and might even feel a bit of guilt as you consider prioritizing yourself in this way. I believe you are worthy of investing in yourself AND when you take care of yourself you will be even better able to support the people you love and the communities you care about.

I would love to have the honor of helping you to date yourself and even if you decide not to take this course, remember that you don’t have to change yourself or achieve something else to be worthy of the love and acceptance you are seeking. Whatever path you choose, I hope it leads you to a life of peace, joy, and contentment and a whole lotta fun!

With love,

Dr. Adia